Meet Today’s Donors: How the Pandemic Changed Giving


This webinar qualifies for 1 CFRE credit.

From Amazon, to Disney, to Shake Shack, today’s consumers want ease, immediacy, and self-curated experiences.

And guess what? Today’s consumers are also your mission supporters.

The need for “frictionless” philanthropy is here. Donors expect and want simple, on demand, and curated giving. From fundraising events to online campaigns, generosity joins forces with easy-to-use technology to create flexible options for your supporters.

Is your cause ready for the future?

In this webinar, we’ll explore new automated strategies to make ease a focal point of your fundraising experiences, create personalized interactions, and showcase how “chose your own” giving options can be part of your donor journey.

Come ready to learn how to build giving experiences that make donors happy, optimize engagement, and drive higher impact.

  • Leverage fundraising research and key trends
  • Incorporate self-service tactics throughout the donor experience
  • Rethink generosity flows and how technology can streamline
  • Leverage automated messaging tips to streamline giving

Hosted by

Kelly Velasquez-Hague
Kelly Velasquez-Hague

VP Marketing, OneCause

Karrie Wozniak
Karrie Wozniak

CMO, OneCause

Dawn Lynn Lego
Dawn Lynn Lego

Director, Brand Engagement & Channel Marketing, OneCause

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