On-Demand Recording

The world of event fundraising is changing every day. Thanks to new technology and changing donor demographics, what’s working today is very different than what worked just a few years ago.

In this webinar, Winspire and OneCause teamed up to share innovative event fundraising trends for 2019. We covered data-driven trends around:

– Newest silent auctions trends
– Experiential auction approaches
– Growing emphasis on Fund-a-Need
– Ambassador Fundraising strategies for growth

View this webinar to learn innovative strategies to keep your event as fresh, relevant, and lucrative as possible.


Keep on fundraising! Attendees requested copies of the GOLF REVENUE STRATEGIES and AMBASSADOR FUNDRAISING Ebooks. Enjoy!


Our Speakers

Lou Prisco
Fundraising Manager, Winspire

Summy Lau
Fundraising Editor, Winspire News

Melissa Merriam
Director of Fundraising Consulting, OneCause