300% More Effective

How to Attract New Companies to Your Nonprofit


What if you could be 300% more effective with securing corporate donations?

In 2020 – $17 billion in direct donations was attributed to corporate contributions (and this figure does NOT include employee monthly giving programs, volunteer hours, and products or services donated).

Every nonprofit would like its share of the pot. But attracting a new corporate sponsor has its challenges. It takes a tremendous amount of work to create a proposal that yields a positive outcome.

Join this session to uncover a 3-step strategy to help you land a new corporate sponsor (typically in under 4 weeks)!

What you’ll discover:

  • 3-step blueprint on how to attract companies by speaking their language
  • 4 keys to finding ideal corporate partners
  • 2-part outreach plan to ensure you get noticed
  • A template for writing a message that succeeds over 30% of the time

Hosted by

Chris Barlow
Chris Barlow

Customer Happiness Director, Beeline Marketing

Dawn Lego
Dawn Lego

Director Brand Engagement & Channel Marketing, OneCause

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