Fundraising Post-Pandemic:

Agility, Collaboration, & Innovation

Nonprofit Lessons from the Trenches


As we prepare to exit “pandemic life” and enter a “new normal,” we are examining models for nonprofit success.

There were silver linings from COVID, new approaches and strategies that allowed organizations to not only survive, but thrive.

For the future of fundraising, it’s critical that we carry the best of these lessons forward into our work.

Join us for a lively and thought-provoking discussion with Blair Glencorse, Founder & Executive Director of Accountability Lab. We will uncover 3 Key Traits of thriving organizations, and how to leverage them for post-pandemic effectiveness.

Blair and his team at Accountability Lab have been helping CSO (civil society organizations) around the globe respond to the pandemic, grow sustainable local networks and build better tomorrows in all corners of the world!

He will share examples of what he’s learned from these amazing nonprofits and how you can apply global models here at home.

We will cover the importance of:

  • Agility: adapt and bring learnings into your nonprofit to evolve and grow.
  • Collaboration: tap into “translocal” network concepts to power your cause.
  • Innovation: new ideas for creating revenue streams and growing philanthropy.

Hosted by

Blair Glencorse
Blair Glencorse

Founder & Executive Director of Accountability Lab, Accountability Lab

Dawn Lego
Dawn Lego

Director of Partner & Channel Content Marketing, OneCause

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