Donor Psychology: What You Need to Know to Improve Fundraising Outcomes


There are a multitude of reasons that motivate donors to give.

Understanding the psychology behind giving helps nonprofits augment, personalize, and target their messaging and appeal methods to attract more donations.

With 20+ years of fundraising experience in annual funds, major gifts, planned giving, and capital campaigns, Cherian Koshy, is one of the most sought-after trainers and speakers in the nonprofit sector. As the head of fundraising for various nonprofits, he’s personally raised more than $100M.

In this webinar, Cherian shares expertise from more than two decades immersed in helping organizations scale their revenue growth.

Participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate rational choice theory and behavioral science approaches to understanding donor psychology and reasons for giving.
  • Explain how heuristics can lead to biases in donor behavior.
  • Critically evaluate end-of-year strategies through the lens of behavioral science to improve the predictive power of appeals.
  • Develop a contextual framework for testing, describing, and evaluating donor activities and choices.

Hosted by

Cherian Koshy
Cherian Koshy

Chief Development Officer, Principal, Endowment Partners

Dawn Lego
Dawn Lego

Director of Brand Engagement and Channel Marketing, OneCause

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