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Online Fundraising & Text2Give®
Raise more with Online Fundraising
and Text2Give® Software
  • Set up giving campaigns in minutes
  • Create free-standing giving sites
  • Collect mobile donations
  • Customize giving levels & questions
  • Offer personal fundraising pages
  • Secure SSL/PCI processing

Our fundraising solution is backed by a live support team who is ready to assist when you need them via phone, online chat or email.

Don’t take our word for it, explore OneCause firsthand and dive into the features and functionality that make OneCause an industry leader.

You wouldn’t believe the support we saw from the community! Because of OneCause Online Fundraising, everyone was all able to jump right in, build personalized pages, and start fundraising.
Gildren Bengoa
Tasis Dorado School
Designed for innovative nonprofits, our flexible software enables you to:
  • Launch giving sites and donation forms in minutes.
  • Configure custom giving levels & questions.
  • Empower your supporters to fundraise with their own personalized page.
  • Show progress & impact towards goal.
  • Convert donors through one-time & recurring giving.
  • Designate donations to events & funds.
  • Share your mission, drive awareness & build trust.