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November 2, 2023 – Episode # 112

You, Me, Neurodiversity featuring Alyssa Lego

When it comes to autism awareness, there have been some positive shifts. We’ve moved beyond the puzzle piece, signaling a shift away from the notion that something is missing. The community now embraces the rainbow affinity symbol as its visual emblem, and the discussion surrounding “autistic individual” vs “individual with autism” has evolved toward more inclusive neurodiverse language. Self-advocacy has rightfully found its place at the forefront. These are important steps in the right direction.

However, true transformation for the neurodiverse community in terms of acceptance, inclusion, understanding, respect, and appreciation still lags behind. Despite our awareness, society’s progress in effecting meaningful change for the neurodiverse remains disappointingly stagnant.

Alyssa Lego, a young and prolific writer, thought leader, speaker, and philanthropist, embarked on her journey of advocacy at the tender age of fourteen. Co-founding a nonprofit, inspired by her younger brother’s experiences with ableism, Alyssa is a passionate advocate for change. In 2020, she introduced her memoir, marking the beginning of her literary contributions. Now, with her new children’s book series, You, Me, Neurodiversity, Alyssa aims to instill an appreciation for neurodiversity and autism through engaging stories, interactive activity books, and circle time programs. She envisions a future where societal shifts are driven by the youngest generation, equipped to wholeheartedly embrace their neurodiverse peers.

Alyssa joins Raise Nation Radio for a candid conversation about the multifaceted concept of neurodiversity, the community’s call to action, our current societal stance on its acceptance, dispelling misconceptions, and exploring ways to actively support and celebrate neurodiversity.

This episode covers:

  • Advocating for those who can’t speak.
  • Empowering through self-advocacy.
  • Relatable children’s narratives.
  • Unfiltered realities.
  • Appreciating diverse abilities.

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