A Heartwarming Connection: A Simple T-Shirt Design and Beautiful Story Unite a Company with Pride


June 8, 2023 – Episode # 91

Wearing Pride featuring Nate Cox

Meet Nate Cox, a Custom Success Manager at OneCause, who finds immense fulfillment in his role of supporting remarkable causes and facilitating their fundraising success through powerful software solutions. Working at OneCause not only fills Nate’s bucket professionally but also personally, thanks to the inclusive and diverse culture that the company fosters. Nate actively contributes to the DEIB committee, championing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. However, Nate’s talents don’t stop there—he is also an incredible opera singer and performer.

But there’s even more to Nate than meets the eye. His vibrant passion for life, love, and his values and beliefs truly define him. This passion was evident during a special t-shirt contest hosted by OneCause People & Culture and the DEIB committee. The contest aimed to create the annual PRIDE t-shirt, a highly coveted item at OneCause, in celebration of PRIDE month in June. Employees at OneCause submitted numerous designs, each one more beautiful than the last. Among the incredible entries, Nate’s design emerged as the winner, which was a moment of great significance.

Yet, what makes this even more extraordinary is the inspiring story behind the design.

Highlights include:

  • Love is love… and acceptance
  • Being yourself, unapologetically
  • Living under the rainbow
  • Celebrating PRIDE
  • Culture of belonging
  • Dedicating a design

Connect with Nate on LinkedIn: Nate Cox

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