Revitalizing volunteer opportunity and capacity.

April 25, 2024 – Episode # 136
Volunteer Power: Activating Volunteers to Amplify Impact featuring Geng Wang

As nonprofits, we understand the importance of activating groups aligned with our organization. While it may seem straightforward since they are part of our community, engagement often eludes us, especially concerning volunteer groups. However, volunteers are a crucial affinity group to prioritize, given that volunteering is the #1 signal for affinity or the likelihood of donating. Reports also indicate that between 76% and 79% of donors volunteer at the same organizations to which they donate.

Despite these clear benefits, effectively engaging volunteers can be challenging. Personalized communication is essential, but it’s also difficult to consistently engage with volunteers. Gathering and centralizing data can be challenging, and volunteers often face issues with logging hours and connecting with each other. Moreover, resources or growth opportunities for volunteers are often lacking.

Given these challenges, how can nonprofits create meaningful and rewarding volunteer programs that benefit both the organization and its volunteers?

Geng Wang, CEO of Civic Champs, joins Raise Nation Radio to discuss how nonprofits can enhance their volunteer programs and impact. He explains how innovations like the Civic Champs platform automate volunteer management, streamline service & event coordination, and convert volunteers into donors, making it easier for organizations to build capacity and create meaningful opportunities for volunteers.

In this episode:

  • Volunteering resurgence
  • Benefits of automated volunteer management
  • Consumerized volunteer experiences
  • Volunteer recruiting reimagined
  • Habitat for Humanity of Bowling Green success story

Connect with our guest on LinkedIn: Geng Wang or visit Civic Champs

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