A nostalgic glimpse back and an inspired glance forward in the nonprofit community.


December 14, 2023 – Episode # 117

2023 Unwrapped: Auld Lang Syne and Nonprofit Shine featuring Jarrett Ransom and Dawn Lego

Get into the festive spirit with Jarrett Ransom, a.k.a. The Nonprofit Nerd, and Dawn Lego as they jingle through the highlights of 2023 on Raise Nation Radio and The Nonprofit Show. Join the duo in heartfelt reflections on impactful missions, inspiring guests, and the tireless efforts of nonprofits shaping a brighter future.

From warm anecdotes to candid discussions, this episode celebrates the dedicated organizations making a difference every day. It’s a tribute to the best moments, a nod to the hardworking nonprofits, and a sincere thank you for their unwavering commitment to building better tomorrows. Tune in for a dose of inspiration and applause for those who make the world a better place. This one’s for you, the champions of great missions!

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