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August 10, 2023 – Episode # 100

Unraveling the Madness and Discovering the Path to Freedom featuring Barb Bollinger

Initiated, in some cases, by seemingly harmless flirtation in private DMs, it can target anyone, but the ensuing nightmare is beyond imagination.Within the chilling depths of human trafficking, 40.3 million lives are ensnared worldwide, with the unsettling reality that 22,326 were identified as victims and survivors in 2019 alone. Amidst this darkness, 14,597 individuals bear the scars of sex trafficking, while 4,384 traffickers perpetuate this grievous crime.

The horror deepens as we grasp the staggering extent of forced sexual exploitation, where 4.8 million individuals, over a million of them children, are caught in this merciless web. The U.S. claims the lead in consumption, with one in four victims being innocent children and seven in ten being women.The haunting statistic underscores the urgency to unite against this grave injustice and restore the stolen dignity and freedom every life deserves.

Based in Florida, Path2Freedom’s website declares: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL FOR YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE.

Their mission centers on fostering hope and healing for child survivors of human trafficking. Path2Freedom offers secure environments and comprehensive long-term recovery programs. They are dedicated to serving these young survivors on their unique journeys from rescue to restoration.

In this episode, Raise Nation Radio welcomes Barb Bollinger, Development Director, Path2Freedom, as she shares her journey to Path2Freedom and delves into the remarkable mission of the organization’s visionary founder, Anna Stevenson. With candor, bravery, and a sense of pride, Barb unveils the chilling reality of a heinous crime. She shares her involvement in a distinctive program that not only provides an escape but also ushers in a future defined by hope and promise.

“…no longer a number, she had a beautiful face, she had a name, but most importantly she has a hope and a promised future.” — Ana Stevenson, Founder, Path2Freedom

Highlights include:

  • Brittany’s Story.
  • Hard, cold facts.
  • Magnolia House
  • Hollywood’s influence.

(Thank you Ahilen, Missy, and Stephanie from OneCause who inspired this podcast episode and discussion.)

Connect with Barb on Linked In: Barb Bollinger or visit: Path2Freedom

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