u·to·pi·a – an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect (Oxford Dictionary). Donors respond to magical moments. Joey Goone shares insights about stage appeal and creating joyful and memorable experiences.


April 6, 2023 – Episode # 82

Stage Appeal featuring Joey Goone

Emcee – check. Video reel – check, Impact story – check, Auctioneer – check

Scoreboard – check, A/V – check, check

It feels good, right? You’ve checked everything off your list. You’re now ready for your organization’s annual signature fundraising event and the few moments to raise critical funds for programming and impact. On to the caterer.

Critical funds for programming and impact.

Fundraising events are hard work. They demand extensive planning, endless checklists, creativity, and sharp attention to detail. The stage presentation itself is like its own event within an event.

The single most important goal for the mission moment and special event is to make a connection with your audience, to move them. So ask yourself, do you have stage appeal?

Joey Goone, President, Utopia Experience, is committed to helping those who help the world. Utopia Experience is a full-scale event management company that focuses on A/V, event production, videography, storytelling, and entertainment. Joey and his team offer valuable resources to special event teams to help them create unforgettable event experiences that unite hearts and minds and inspire audiences. Utopia Experience has helped nonprofits raise over $30,000,000.

In this episode, Joey steps off the stage and into the planning room to share a personal and moving story that drives Utopia Experience. He chats about experience trends, opportunities to increase fundraising revenue by 50%, and innovative, scalable methods to communicate mission messages.

Highlights of the show include:

  • Creating joy for donors.
  • Making moments count.
  • Avoiding the blind spots in event production.
  • Creating an experience with video.
  • Connecting audiences from wherever they are.

and the big three:

  • Connect. Capture. Cultivate.

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