Maximize fundraising potential through donor purchases.

March 28, 2024 – Episode # 129
Shop for a Cause: Harness Everyday Experiences to Raise More featuring Shaun Kulesza

Every day, fundraisers encounter a myriad of challenges. From limited resources for implementing impactful fundraising programs to navigating tech exploration and learning curves, the obstacles seem endless. There’s the constant struggle with limited bandwidth, along with the need for creative ideas to attract younger generations. Plus, there’s the ongoing effort to engage audiences, establish connections with impact, and address concerns related to acquisition, retention, and sustainability.

It’s hard to imagine a single program that addresses all these challenges, but nonprofits have reason to rejoice. Enter shopping programs. Free, easy-to-deploy, fun, and engaging, shopping programs offer significant benefits for nonprofits aiming to boost incremental monthly revenue and attract supporters from multiple generations. They provide a steady stream of income with minimal attention required. Essentially, nonprofits can earn a percentage of purchases made by their supporters at no extra cost to the buyer. This passive income model allows nonprofits to diversify their revenue streams effectively.

Meet Shaun Kulesza, the mastermind behind ShopRaise, a shopping program tailored to the needs of nonprofits and their donors. In this episode of Raise Nation Radio, Shaun unpacks the benefits of shopping programs and provides actionable insights on how nonprofits can get started today. With $1.137 billion spent on e-commerce annually in the US alone, this is promising news for nonprofits.

In this episode:

  • Shopping programs unpacked
  • Target audience and generational Involvement
  • Activation with minimal time commitment
  • Gift card purchases to support in-person shopping
  • Cost-free option for nonprofits

Connect with our guest on LinkedIn: Shaun Kulesza or visit ShopRaise

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