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August 17, 2023 – Episode # 101

Service First Empowers Young Athletes to Achieve Greatness featuring Willie Little

Growing up under the guidance of two devoted educators and nurturing parents who embody the principles of service, one naturally seeks out mentors and peers driven by the same mission to make a difference in their communities. Surrounding oneself with this network and empowering individuals with the means, skills, and self-assurance to lead and contribute to the greater good, along with fostering inclusivity, has propelled AthLead Indy to earn its reputation as a highly regarded youth organization in the Indianapolis, Indiana region. Evidenced by its expansion primarily through word-of-mouth, AthLead Indy’s progress underscores its dedication to nurturing positive development for young athletes spanning from 7 years old throughout their lifetime.

While he might humbly attribute the success of AthLead Indy to his team of coaches, athletes, community members, and partners, it’s undeniable that Willie Little stands as the visionary driving force behind AthLead Indy’s accomplishments.

AthLead Indy is guided by a mission to drive community transformation through Indianapolis youth. It is tailored to empower young adults to excel both in track and field and as community leaders. Through the generosity of donors and sponsors, AthLead Indy provides a secure haven for children to feel engaged and supported.

Tune in to this episode of Raise Nation Radio as we’re joined by Willie Little, Executive Director, AthLead Indy. Join us to hear about his remarkable journey and the impressive achievements of his young athletes.

AthLead Indy sets a benchmark for any youth organization.

Highlights include:

    • Servant leadership mindset.
    • The journey from Chicago to Indianapolis.
    • Generations of community impact.
    • Coach, athlete, and a parent-led programming
    • Athletes turned mentors.
    • Support from Authenticx through Indy Tech Gives

Connect with Willie on Linked In: Willie Little or visit: AthLead Indy

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