Life deserves celebration, especially in the final days. When you are terminally ill and have nowhere to go, there is a morning light. Madison Gonzalez and Brittany Babbitt share a tender perspective on the final hours of life.


March 23, 2023 – Episode # 80

Peace, Light, & Dignity featuring Madison Gonzalez and Brittany Babbitt

$50 supports a last holiday for a terminally ill person with nowhere to go.

It’s incredibly difficult to wrap your head around such a heartbreaking impact statement. Terminally ill, nowhere to go, last holiday.

Yet, there is light. Morning Light.

Making a difference at the end of life is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization out of Indianapolis, Indiana. For more than 18 years, Morning Light has served its most fragile community by holding a hand, sharing a meal, taking a quiet walk, celebrating a holiday, or doing whatever is needed to help terminally ill patients live the time they have left to the fullest. Rooted in the belief that every person is worthy of love, respect, and dignity, Morning Light provides a home, free of charge. Without Morning Light, the unthinkable would be a reality.Leading the mission with passion and purpose, are two strong and determined women. At a younger time, neither of them saw themselves in their current role.

Madison Gonzalez, Executive Director
Madison Gonzalez is poised, inspiring, and extraordinary. Under her leadership, Morning Light doubled its fundraising efforts, delivering the highest-grossing fundraising events in Morning Light’s history and crushing goals year over year. Madison has mastered the art of nonprofit storytelling earning her numerous awards and accolades including the Raise 2019 Storyteller of the Year Award. She’s admired by her peers and enthusiastically shares her expertise and communication methods with the non-profit community. Madison is passionate about using her communication, organization, and event knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others.

Brittany Babbitt, Program Support Manager
Brittany is warm, creative, and multi-talented. A servant leader, Brittany embraces volunteering as a lifestyle serving her church, mentoring communities. and planning events for Morning Light. There’s no denying the depth of her compassion. Brittany brings vigor and vitality to her work.  Her impressive background is multi-faceted combining outstanding performance in management, customer service, finance, and leadership. As an ordained Deacon, Brittany led many projects that provided care to delicate communities. In her new role at Morning Light, Brittany hopes to reach a greater audience and build a volunteer program that will not only serve the Morning Light ecosystem but the caregiving community as a whole.

It’s no surprise that Madison and Brittany gave credit to Morning Light’s caregivers, volunteers, partners, sponsors, and supporters and made a point of a special shoutout to Julia Lagenour, a social worker, who lovingly manages the Abbie Hunt Bryce Home for residents.

Tune in and discover the hope and heart behind Morning Light.

In this episode Madison and Brittany discuss:

  • Art of nonprofit storytelling.
  • Leadership principles for nonprofits.
  • Impact for $300 a year.
  • Compassionate end-of-life care.
  • Last wish campaign.

Connect with Madison and Brittany on Linked In: Madison Gonzalez Brittany Babitt
To learn more about Morning Light’s mission visit their website: Morning Light

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