Once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences not only spin the world but also craft enduring memories and fuel meaningful impact.

January 25, 2024 – Episode # 120
Passport to Impact: Transformative Travel Experiences featuring Kevin Spykerman

Auctions wield immense fundraising power for nonprofits, yet their logistics can be overwhelming. Enter travel experiences, the prized jewels of auctions, raffles, and sweepstakes, injecting excitement into both online and in-person events. They captivate supporters, drive impressive bids, and create unforgettable moments. However, crafting an enticing travel package demands intricate details, posing a risk for nonprofits. The good news: risk-free options exist, allowing nonprofits to effortlessly fundraise while focusing on revenue maximization.

On Raise Nation Radio, Kevin Spykerman, Director of Business Development at Auction Packages, unravels the nuances of elevating fundraising through travel consignment. With a rich 17-year background, he shares pivotal insights, emphasizing factors like diversified auction travel portfolios, risk-free experiences, no upfront costs, and streamlined planning and booking. Kevin outlines key considerations for engaging travel consignment providers, including fundraising expertise, a solid track record, consultative services, and trust.Travel is more than an auction element; it’s the gateway to impactful and sustained fundraising success.

Now, wow supporters and boost bids without breaking a sweat!

In this episode:

  • Travel Optimization Strategies for Year-Round Revenue
  • Effective Offerings of Multiples
  • Dispelling Consignment Myths
  • Trends in Hot Travel Destinations
  • Kevin’s Exciting Raise Conference Announcement

Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn: Kevin Spykerman or at Auctions Packages

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