Donor stewardship plays a vital role in the success of nonprofits. While a simple thank you and handshake are important, it’s time to aim for something more impactful. Go beyond the ordinary and leave a lasting impression that transforms gratitude into a thriving culture of generosity.


May 25, 2023 – Episode # 89

Meaningful Ways to Recognize Donors featuring Robert Sellman

Donor stewardship is a cornerstone for every nonprofit organization, and it’s no secret that it holds critical importance. From thank you emails and holiday greetings to impactful stories, nonprofits strive to engage donors and express gratitude.

While messaging often revolves around donors, their contributions, and the resulting impact, there’s still much room for innovation in this area. Despite the rapid advancements in digital channels, social media, and nonprofit technology, the landscape of donor stewardship remains relatively unchanged. It’s astonishing to consider that such a vital aspect of donor retention and recurring donations has seen limited evolution.

However, there’s a question that lingers: What more can be done?

Robert Sellman, Sr. Vice President of Growth & Partnerships at omnially, challenges some of those assertions. Omnially is the creator of The Digital Donor Engagement System℠, representing the next-generation evolution of digital donor walls. Their digital donor recognition walls are not only intuitive, modern, and flexible but also exude an undeniable allure.

The productivity they bring is equally impressive. According to Robert, revenue growth is a direct outcome of fostering a genuine connection between donors and an organization’s mission, something that every nonprofit aspires to achieve. Omnially has ingeniously combined digital storytelling, impact statements, timelines, and donor recognition to create an exceptional solution: an engaging, exciting, and interactive digital wall.

Indeed, donor recognition walls have experienced a remarkable evolution. Tune in to this episode and prepare to be amazed.

Highlights include:

  • Learn about a powerful tool for donor stewardship.
  • Cultivate and transform the culture of generosity.
  • Explore digital-first donor recognition strategies.
  • Captivate audiences with compelling narratives that leave a lasting impact.
  • Elevate storytelling with immersive visuals, interactive elements, and personalized experiences.
  • Leverage digital donor recognition walls for major gift strategies.
  • Build nonprofit corporate sponsorships.

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