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July 20, 2023 – Episode # 97

Meaningful Content First…Second, and Third featuring Chris Barlow

Nonprofit organizations are akin to any for-profit brand in their need for effective marketing. While stats and impact hold significance, creative marketing content is equally vital in captivating audiences. Content creation in the nonprofit world is an endless endeavor. Every day brings new tasks, from crafting social media captions and Google Ads to updating website pages. Each piece contributes to the bigger picture of meaningful engagement. Like it or not, nonprofits must embrace the challenge, and make each message count.

And to top it off, the competition is fierce. How do you break through the noise and stand out? How do you keep those creative juices flowing when facing that dreaded blank page? And, how do you consistently embrace content creation and ensure it remains compelling?

Meet Chris Barlow, the Customer Happiness Director at Beeline. He’s driven by reimagining digital communication, infusing it with a tangible, in-person vibe that touches all senses. An out-of-the-box thinker, Chris brings fresh and innovative ideas to the nonprofit space. With Beeline at his side, they stay ahead of trends and cutting-edge ad campaigns. No challenge is too great for the Beeline team; in fact, they thrive on tackling big problems.In this episode, Chris unveils his secret sauce for nonprofits to achieve more effective marketing. By guiding them to attract and retain donors with optimized efforts, coaching them to handle their marketing within their capacity, and managing only what’s necessary, Chris helps nonprofits make the most of their time, knowledge, and budget.

Are you ready for more effective marketing?

Highlights include:

  • Break free from the never-ending hamster wheel of creating marketing content.
  • Explore the multiple goals that effective marketing content can achieve.
  • Uncover the secrets of how one piece of content can be repurposed and live evergreen.
  • Learn how marketing content attracts new donors.
  • Create a plan to serve your mission and your donors.

Connect with Chris on Linked In: Chris Barlow or visit him at Beeline

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