Fresh perspectives and authentic insights from extraordinary leaders and advocates in a transformative discussion on the history of 1863.


June 15, 2023 – Episode # 92

Juneteenth: Embracing Freedom for All Americans featuring Crystal Hall and Tracey Clark

Step into the world of Crystal Hall, Planning and Strategy Manager at OneCause. Beyond her daily contributions to support her teams and empower nonprofit organizations to achieve fundraising success, Crystal is a vibrant force within the OneCause culture. As an active member of the DEIB Committee, she embraces her true self and advocates for change. With unwavering passion, Crystal inspires pride both within and beyond the company. She embodies her values, standing up and showing up for what she believes in. Join her in the 4th Annual Juneteenth Celebration on Monday, June 19, 2023, hosted by Fisher’s High School Future Black Leaders, as Crystal continues to make a lasting impact that fills her children and everyone around her with pride.

Introducing Tracey Clark, the dynamic Virtual and In-person Event Manager at OneCause. With an unwavering passion for nonprofits, special events, and empowering fundraising success, Tracey shines as a true leader. Her authentic voice and commitment to speaking her truth make her a standout advocate. Beyond her professional expertise, Tracey’s deep knowledge of history and her ability to shed a positive light on the present and future add a unique flair to her vibrant personality. Balancing multiple careers and a fulfilling personal life, Tracey exemplifies the go-getter spirit. Join Tracey in celebrating Juneteenth at the remarkable Juneteenth Jubilee: A Celebration of Education on Sat, Jun 17th in Columbus. For her peers and friends in the greater Indianapolis area, Tracey shares a special message: Discover the Greater Indianapolis Juneteenth Information by searching “Juneteenth Indianapolis” for details on the Peace Walk, the Eiteljorg Museum, and other exciting events throughout June. Be sure to visit for the grand parade and festival experience.

This dynamic duo embodies a profound appreciation for the Juneteenth celebration, advocating for a positive attitude, inclusive festivities, and the values of a purpose-driven company.

Highlights include:

  • Embracing a living culture, not mere words
  • Setting the records straight
  • Celebrating Juneteenth
  • Engaging at any stage
  • Reflecting on the past and forging ahead