“Growth doesn’t happen in comfort zones.” It’s a gutsy move to leave a cushy 5th Avenue PR agency. But Dana Snyder, social media coach, proved a net positive equation with launching a nonprofit consulting firm. Preaching what she herself practiced, Dana helps nonprofit clients amplify their mission through innovative digital marketing strategies. Tune in to leave your comfort zone and enter your growth zone.


March 16, 2023 – Episode # 79

Get Social Smart Featuring Dana Snyder

2004 – Facebook launched. Today there are close to 3 billion monthly active users on the Facebook platform. 2006 – Twitter was created. The Twitter platform has approximately 450 million monthly active users. 2010 – Instagram joins the online social scene. There are over 2.35 billion monthly active users on the Instagram channels.

Linked In (2003) – 900+ million registered members

You Tube (2005) – more than 2.5 billion monthly active users

Tik Tok (2016) – over 1 billion active users

That’s quite the audience for nonprofits to share their stories and impact in hopes of attracting new supporters and growing their mission. So post away!


With an audience of that magnitude, an extremely competitive landscape, and the different nuances and benefits between social media platforms, endless posting may not be the best approach for achieving the desired results.

That’s where Dana Snyder, CEO and Founder, Positive Equation comes in. Dana is digital strategist for nonprofits. She offers fresh ideas, digital marketing tools, and new knowledge to help nonprofit teams attract new donors, engage current supporters, and raise more funds.

In this episode, Dana (a podcaster herself!) takes time out of her busy schedule to join Raise Nation Radio and chat candidly about real digital solutions that drive impact. Dana has a very special and unique style that immediately makes her audiences feel comfortable. She’s hands on, data-driven, speaks in terms that anyone can understand, has a can-do attitude, and builds strategies that work. Dana has mastered the art (and science) of social media advertising.

Dana loves conducting social media audits for the nonprofit community helping organizations dive into their data to analyze platforms and audiences, create purposed-driven content, and build strategies that deliver impactful outcomes. Through Positive Equation, she offers courses to help nonprofits get social smart:

  • Visible Reach in a Week
  • Grow Your eMail List
  • Attract and Retain Donors
  • Monthly Giving Mastermind
  • Learn How to Launch Social Media Ads

Dana shares, ” When social media advertising is done right, it shouldn’t feel hard – it should feel rewarding and exciting.”

Highlights of this Show:

  • Planning an effective social media advertising budget.
  • Creating ads that engage and perform.
  • Pinpointing strategies for different sized organizations.
  • Developing data-driven social media plans.

Connect with Dana on Linked In: Dana Snyder or visit her website: Positive Equation
Tune in to Dana’s podcast: Missions to Movements and visit her You Tube Channel

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