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July 6, 2023 – Episode # 95

Changing Fundraising with Online Sweepstakes for Nonprofits featuring Annie Tukman

Raffles, sweepstakes, and games of chance – different names, same outcome? Nonprofits have experienced mixed results with these fundraising approaches. Do these situations sound familiar…“Did anyone remember to apply for the raffle license for our fundraiser? It’s frustrating how we always seem to overlook that step!” Dealing with bureaucracy, managing the details, and promoting a $10 raffle ticket can often feel like more effort than it’s worth. And what happens when you have 100 tickets to sell but only manage to sell 62?

The real question at hand is whether there are notable differences between opportunity drawings and if they have a rightful place as a core fundraising strategy. If you believe the answer is no, keep reading because we may just have some compelling insights that could change your perspective.

Nonprofit sweepstakes are indeed very different. One significant advantage is that they do not require a raffle license. Yes, you heard it right, no raffle license is needed! Depending on your goals, sweepstakes can have a significant impact in various areas.

They can help:

  • Create awareness.
  • Secure donor retention.
  • Activate lapsed donors.
  • Grow donor databases.
  • Promote inclusivity (which is a crucial aspect).
  • And let’s not forget, generate substantial revenue.

In this episode, Annie Tukman, Director of Sales, TapKat Solutions, dives into the world of nonprofit sweepstakes, highlighting their unique attributes. She guides us through the numerous benefits, simplicity of implementation, and best practices, and shares real-life examples of grassroots nonprofits successfully generating hundreds of thousands of dollars. Annie also addresses the common concern of goal-setting 100 tickets but only achieving 62 sales,.

The verdict is in, nonprofit sweepstakes undeniably hold a significant position within an annual fundraising strategy.

Highlights include:

  • Understanding the difference between sweepstakes and raffles.
  • Choosing the perfect prize.
  • Unlocking a win-win solution with cash prizes.
  • Determining the ideal duration to maximize engagement and participation.
  • Building inclusivity through sweepstakes.
  • Discovering the story behind the name “TapKat.”

Connect with Annie on Linked In: Annie Tukman
Or visit the TapKat website: TapKat

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