Igniting a passion for STEM to inspire women to explore their curiosity and reach their full potential

June 6, 2024 – Episode # 142
Empower Her! Nurturing Brilliance through STEM and Wellness featuring Crystal Morton

In the quest to offer marginalized young women opportunities like coding robots, crafting natural hair and skin oils, and making strawberry jam in a safe and engaging environment, a holistic approach takes precedence, with an emphasis on wellness and mental health. At the forefront of this endeavor is Crystal Morton, Executive Director and visionary leader of the Girls STEM Institute in Indy. Through community building and inspiring success stories, the Girls STEM Institute is gathering momentum and attracting support, earning recognition as the recipient of Authenticx’s annual fundraising efforts in the 2024 Indy Tech Gives program.

Join Crystal Morton on Raise Nation Radio as she discusses the essence of sisterhood in science and how the Girls STEM Institute champions education, authenticity, and joy in learning, despite external adversities. Follow her journey from initial research to program excellence, aimed at empowering young women.

While the Girls STEM Institute has experienced organic growth, fundraising holds the potential to propel its expansion further. Authenticx, an Indy-based tech leader, is dedicated to supporting this cause. “It’s an honor to participate in the annual Indy Tech Gives campaign, uniting with other tech leaders in the Indy area for the greater good—there’s tremendous power in unity. This year, our team chose to support the Girls STEM Institute because we believe in empowering the next generation of female leaders in STEM. By investing in their education and growth, we’re not only helping young women realize their potential but also fostering a more diverse and innovative future for our community. As a tech company, Authenticx understands the significance of supporting and encouraging our future leaders.” – Darron Lasley, Vice President, Talent, Authenticx.

Discover more about the inspiring initiatives driving STEM education for girls and young women and gain insights into what Authenticx’s support signifies for Crystal and the Girls STEM Institute.

In this episode:

  • Providing unique and safe learning spaces
  • Forging authentic and holistic experiences
  • Blending innovative STEM curriculum and creative activities
  • Inspiring future STEM leaders
  • Protecting your peace of mind, heart, and soul

Connect with our guest on LinkedIn: Crystal Morton or visit: Girls Stem Institute

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