Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is viable to nonprofits, so act fast and get the facts before it’s too late!


August 3, 2023 – Episode # 99

Employee Retention Credit (ERC) What Every Nonprofit Needs to Know featuring Kenneth Dettman

We empathize with the many responsibilities that nonprofit leaders juggle. There are countless responsibilities, with limited resources and conflicting priorities—it’s a constant struggle to keep up. When you add government stimulus programs to the mix, it often gets pushed to the back burner. Misinformation and skepticism cloud its validity, causing it to become a forgotten opportunity. However, the truth is surprising – the Employer Retention Credit is indeed for nonprofits, and thousands (actually millions) of dollars have been credited back to them. Your nonprofit could be eligible. But the clock is ticking.

So where do nonprofit leaders turn for sound advice, up-to-date answers, and expert guidance?

In this episode of Raise Nation Radio, meet Kenneth (Kenny) Dettman, Founder, CEO, & Managing Director of EZ-ERC, and also a Big Brother with Big Brothers Big Sisters in Broward County, Florida. Kenny’s journey to helping nonprofits with employee retention credit wasn’t planned, but it began with frustration over misinformation and missed opportunities during the government’s pandemic relief efforts. Witnessing nonprofits struggling with complex processes, Kenny knew there had to be a better way. As a CPA, he assembled a team of experts to ethically streamline the process. Tune in to discover how Kenny’s passion, expertise, and a little encouragement from his wife led to EZ-ERC, a trusted resource for nonprofits seeking to navigate employee retention credit.

Don’t miss this episode packed with essential insights and resources you can rely on.

Highlights include:

  1. Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Unraveled: Unveiling the Facts
  2. ERC Deadline Dates: Marking the Countdown to Opportunities
  3. ERC Demystified: Navigating the Process with Ease
  4. Unmasking the Truth: Vital Questions to Safeguard Your Journey
  5. Triumphs Unfold: Real-life Nonprofit Success Story

Connect with Kenny Linked In: Kenneth Dettman, CPA or visit him at EZ-ERC

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