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October 26, 2023 – Episode # 111

Embracing Your Natural Strengths featuring Beth Napleton

Imagine a nonprofit leader, armed with the knowledge of their top strengths, steps into a new role or challenge. They know exactly how to leverage their innate abilities to motivate their team, spearhead initiatives, and foster partnerships. With this clarity, they make decisions with conviction, knowing they’re playing to their strengths.

This kind of confidence holds immense power.

Within every individual lies untapped potential. The Clifton Gallup Strengths Assessment illuminates these unique talents. For nonprofit leaders, it acts as a guiding force, propelling them towards not just success, but extraordinary achievement. It serves as a compass for personal and organizational growth, unlocking the full potential of both leaders and their teams.

Beth Napleton is the owner and founder of Beth Napleton Consulting, specializing in executive coaching for senior leaders in education and mission-driven organizations. With over 20 years in education and a track record of training over 1,800 teachers and leaders, Beth is a national award-winning coach committed to student success. As a certified Clifton Gallup Strengths Coach, she empowers leaders to leverage their strengths for success.

In this episode of Raise Nation Radio, Beth delves into key strategies for elevating leadership. She imparts valuable insights on leveraging strengths to empower individuals to excel, fostering a culture of mutual support within nonprofit organizations. The discussion is both enlightening and engaging, offering actionable advice for leaders seeking to make a meaningful impact.

This episode covers:

  • Coach with Gallup Strengths.
  • Explore the strengths within individuals.
  • Elevate leadership skills.
  • Uncover and nurture hidden talents.
  • Lead from a foundation of strengths.

Connect with Beth on Linked In: Beth Napleton or visit Beth Napleton Consulting

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