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December 7, 2023 – Episode # 116

Creating Memories: The Tapestry of Meaningful Moments featuring Mary Davidson

In a world returning to in-person gatherings with newfound vigor, the challenge to stand out has intensified. Escalating event costs push nonprofits to raise ticket prices, prompting donors to be selective about the events they choose. Audiences, growing more discerning, compel nonprofits to reconsider the nature of their events, emphasizing the need for memorable mission moments and meaningful experiences.

The cycle of planning for an annual event starts immediately after its conclusion, constituting a year-round labor of love. With a myriad of well-intentioned ideas pouring in from volunteers to board members, each channeling their inner event planner, it’s easy to veer off course.

Meet Mary Davidson, CEO and Chief Event Organizer, EP Events, where fundraising events are her expertise. With over a decade in the non-profit industry, Mary brings a wealth of experience from diverse roles and organizations with limited resources. Tune in to Raise Nation Radio as Mary discusses maximizing funds through strategic budgeting, meticulous planning, and thoughtful calculations. Join us to gain insights on steering your NorthStar to create exceptional and impactful fundraising experiences.

This episode covers:

  • Fundraising Events 101.
  • Event tips, tricks, and trends.
  • The benefits for hiring fundraising event professionals.
  • Community over competition.
  • Events with a purpose.

Connect with our guest on LinkedIn: Mary Davidson or visit: EP Events @epevetnsllc

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