Timeless strategies that extend beyond Giving Tuesday to pave the way for sustained success.


July 27, 2023 – Episode # 98

Break Through the Noise and Make a Lasting Impact featuring Jesse Lane

In the world of philanthropy, Giving Tuesday sparks a genuine debate among nonprofits. Each year, the pressing dilemma emerges: should your team dedicate time, energy, and focus to participate? Headlines polarize the discussion, advocating to “skip Giving Tuesday” or compelling nonprofits to “stop hating on #GivingTuesday.”

Amidst this fervor, one undeniable fact remains: Giving Tuesday holds significance as a day of giving and a seasonal highlight. The challenge lies in distinguishing oneself during the other 364 days of the year. The pivotal question that arises is how can ‘goodmakers’ transcend the noise and illuminate their impact, not just on Giving Tuesday, but throughout every single day?

Meet Jesse Lane, the visionary Founder behind Branches Mission Lab and goodmakerU. In 2011, he experienced a transformative lightbulb moment, inspiring him to take a courageous step and establish Branches Mission Lab, aiming to challenge the status quo. Fueled by inspiring and unconventional core values, Jesse, along with his wife and team, set their sights on elevating ‘goodmakers.’ Their journey involves leveraging innovative strategies for growth, pushing boundaries, and redefining possibilities.

In this episode, discover the insights from Jesse’s 11+ years of experience in nonprofit marketing. With a remarkable track record of assisting numerous nonprofits in raising over $100 million, Jesse has fine-tuned strategies that yield real results. As a seasoned expert, he is excited to share these highly effective techniques to empower nonprofits in breaking through the noise, whether it’s during Giving Tuesday, end-of-year giving, or any day of the year.

“…dig down deep to “get things done” to perform at the highest level in the digital marketing world.” — Jeremy Williams, International & Strategy Director, Field Agent

Highlights include:

  • The Great Giving Tuesday debate.
  • Nonprofit framework to expand reach and funding.
  • Integrated and innovative digital marketing strategies.
  • Brand personality.
  • Goodmakers in training Nora, Ruby, and Mable

Connect with Jesse on Linked In: Jesse Lane or visit him at goodmakerU or Branches Mission Lab

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