Approximately $4 billion in matching gift funds remains unclaimed annually. Pet Partners serves as an example of a nonprofit harnessing these matching gift opportunities.


November 9, 2023 – Episode # 113

Amplify Your Impact: Double, Triple, Go! featuring Ashley Drew, Chelsea Glick, and Mackenzie Burckbuchler.

Pet Partners is on a mission to enhance human well-being through the incredible human-animal bond. They’re dedicated to evolving and adapting to the diverse needs of global communities. Through innovative programs, activities, and educational initiatives centered around this bond, they aim to tap into the profound connection between humans and animals. This connection holds the power to enhance the physical, social, and emotional lives of countless individuals and communities.

Much like any other nonprofit, Pet Partners faces the challenge of expanding their impact and reaching donors in their preferred avenues. From traditional check donations to the digital communication preferences of younger generations, they cater to a wide spectrum of donor engagement methods. To overcome challenges, Pet Partners set out to achieve more with efficiency, aiming to double their impact while optimizing efforts. They strategically evaluated their tech tools and found a solution in Double the Donation + OneCause.

Double the Donation excels in leveraging corporate matching gifts, boosting nonprofit fundraising. Their premier product, 360MatchPro simplifies matching gift submissions. OneCause provides easy-to-use digital fundraising solutions that help nonprofits connect with donors.

The Double the Donation + OneCause integration marked a pivotal moment in Pet Partners’ growth. Join us on Raise Nation Radio as Ashley Drew and Chelsea Glick from Pet Partners, and Mackenzie Burckbuchler from Double the Donation delve into the seamless integration of these innovative solutions and their profound impact on Pet Partners’ mission and development.

This episode covers:

  • YAYABA:tm:
  • Goal surpassing through Innovation and Integration.
  • Community building with tech.
  • Pragmatic advice from Ash and Chelsea.
  • Pre- and post-results.

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