Generative AI is set to redefine everything. Embrace the era of transformation!

February 22, 2024 – Episode # 124
AI-Powered Collaboration: Revolutionizing the Way We Work featuring Shawn Olds

Spell-check and Grammarly? Pfft, who needs ’em when you’ve got ChatGPT, Claude, Bard, and a whole gang of AI buddies! But seriously, what are these tools, and do they come with a manual? They sound pricey and time-consuming. Can’t I just ignore them and hope for the best? Oh wait, is my job on the line here? Prompt, prompt, prompt… Wait, am I supposed to be good at prompts now? And what exactly does that mean? Generative AI is taking over faster than a UFO invasion, and I’m feeling more out of place than ever. Send help before the aliens replace us all!

Sound familiar?

Generative AI is reshaping almost everything, and yeah, it can feel pretty unsettling. Remember when you first Googled ChatGPT? We’ve all been there. But it’s not some distant sci-fi notion anymore—it’s here, it’s potent, and it’s changing the game. So why not hop on board now and make the most of it?

Shawn Olds, Co-founder and CEO at BoodleBox, is a tech visionary with a deep passion for cutting-edge technology and leadership in tech adoption. Alongside his co-founder, he boasts an unparalleled track record, having generated over $600 million in revenue, raised millions in nonprofit donations, and positively impacted thousands of lives. With over a decade of expertise in building powerful technology, Shawn and his team at BoodleBox have empowered hundreds of teams to harness the power of AI. From promising startups to established enterprises, he has spearheaded successful technology transformations across various sectors. Through his platform BoodleBox, Shawn assists team leaders in accelerating GenAI adoption, collaboration, automation, and integration.

Shawn Olds joins Raise Nation Radio to demystify Generative AI, highlighting its simplicity, efficiency, and collaborative potential. He introduces the groundbreaking BoodleBox platform, facilitating team collaboration by integrating AI Helpers and AI Coworkers to enhance productivity and spark innovation.In this episode:

  • Generative AI teamwork
  • AI is coming after your job
  • Humans and AI working together
  • EOY predictions
  • GenAI automated workflows

Connect with our guest on LinkedIn: Shawn Olds or visit BoodleBox

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