Step confidently into 2024 with fascinating research from fundraisers like you! Sarah Sebastian and Steve Lausch of OneCause unveil insightful data to steer nonprofit priorities and elevate fundraising success in the New Year.


January 11, 2024 – Episode # 118

2024 Fundraising Outlook featuring Sarah Sebastian and Steve Lausch

As nonprofits step into 2024, they encounter both familiar and new challenges. Yet, this year is a pivotal moment—an opportunity to take control, reflect, proactively address issues, and innovate with fresh fundraising ideas. The 2024 Fundraising Outlook, drawing insights from over 900 fundraisers, provides strategies for donor-centric approaches, rebuilding trust, and embracing advanced tools.

In its 6th year, this study guides nonprofits through top concerns like donor acquisition, sustainable giving, retention, and the evolving digital fundraising landscape. Join Sarah Sebastian, Director of Corporate Communications, and Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing at OneCause, as they dive into the key findings, emphasizing the enduring significance of event and online fundraising, growing confidence with in-person events, integration of tools like artificial intelligence, and the readiness to explore innovative fundraising methods.

Tune in to empower your nonprofit for a successful year of giving!

The 2024 Fundraising Outlook explores:

  • Nonprofits’ successful fundraising strategies
  • Top fundraising challenges and priorities as a new year approaches
  • Shifts in technology investment as digital fundraising continues to shape the generosity landscape
  • The most surprising insights that caught Sarah and Steve’s attention

Access the full  study: 2024 Fundraising Outlook

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