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Let’s make it easier for you to boost your auctions with carefully curated & exclusive packages for OneCause customers that are free to reserve for your fundraising event! To learn more about these travel packages and more, reach out and get ready to pack your bags!

About Us

Winspire provides highly sought after, hard to find, unique Experiences for use in charity auctions or fundraisers.

This increasingly popular fundraising tool allows you to place exclusive travel packages in your charity auction without any upfront cost to your organization. Since you purchase only what you sell, every one of our Experiences is risk free. Choose from award shows, major sporting events, VIP access, family vacations, international trips, cruises, adventure travel, golf trips and hundreds more.

1) Select Experiences
2) Promote them to your audience
3) Offer them at your event
4) Winners redeem

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At our recent gala, we had five guests purchase the Tuscany Culinary Escape. Winspire takes care of all the marketing collateral, and it always looks professional. The audience was amazed that we could garner such an incredible trip.

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Susan Foley
Director of Special Events

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  • 62.1 Million Dollars Raised for Nonprofits
  • 56,428+ Events Worldwide
  • 102,341+ Winning Bidders


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