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Video City Productions

VC Productions provides an elevated video production experience

We are a dedicated team of filmmakers focused on producing effective commercial, corporate, event, and training videos. We work with companies as large as Subaru and Five Below as well as many smaller businesses, and we are passionate about our non-profit work. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with non-profits and tell their story in a meaningful way that fosters engagement and supports fundraising.

During COVID-19, when in-person filming wasn’t possible, we helped teach non-profits how to create content consistently. We think beyond traditional filmmaking and try to support our clients however we can – because the story comes first.

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VC Productions has been supporting our annual gala with compelling videos both for the gala and of the gala. When COVID-19 happened, they helped us transition to start creating video content on our own. The Remote Direction was invaluable and helped us reach our audience during a difficult time to create content, market, and educate.

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Marci Hamilton
CEO, Child USA

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  • With Remote Director, you can "learn to fish" or create content consistently, for the cost of an average videographer's day rate!
  • Since quarantine we need video to connect. That means everyone is a videographer...we can help you overcome the learning curve.