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Founded in 2016 by auctioneers CK Swett and Charles Antin, the goal of Lot 1 is simple: to ensure your charity auction maximizes its fundraising potential. After spending a combined two decades as auctioneers at some of the world’s top auction houses (Christie’s, Philips, Heritage, Zachys), Charles and CK realized that, in the charity auction world, the benefit of experience is paramount. To have a successful live auction, you can’t simply put together some lots, hire an emcee, and then just hope for the best. On the contrary, the analogy of the iceberg is apt: 95% of what an auctioneer does is under the surface, unseen by those attending the actual auction. By the time the auction comes around, it should be a fait accompli-it can’t help but succeed. That’s where Charles and CK come in. Their role as auctioneers is to make sure the charity isn’t simply hoping for the best-they’re doing everything necessary to ensure it.

Combined, Charles and CK auctioneer for nearly 200 organizations annually, and send our team of auctioneers to an additional 25 or more.

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When Lebron James was in his prime, there was a billboard in Cleveland that said "We are All Witnesses." That's how I felt watching you do your thing on Monday: a witness to greatness. Thank you for lending your incredible talents to this cause. Thanks also for your work with Lexie; your feedback made a huge difference. On behalf of the board, staff, and the children we serve, thank you for your passion and dedication.

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Sandy Santana
Executive Director, Children's Rights

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California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wyoming


  • $1.1 million for Muhammad Ali's 1965 championship belt gloves
  • $4.2 million raised at the Teach For China Gala in Hong Kong, November 2018
  • Sold a $350 bottle of tequila for $14,000, twice, as a warm up lot
  • Co-Hosted Rihanna's Diamond Ball with Dave Chapelle