HUNT Auctioneers

The Best in Fundraising.

HUNT Auctioneers have helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars and awareness for non-profit organizations. Our years of fundraising experience add significant and consistent value to events. We provide expert consultation with brilliant live performances.

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Lucas treated us like we were his star client and delivered the highest quality of care and service. From the first phone call to our site visit to the work he did leading up to the event; he listens, cares, and responds. His talent for reading the room and ability to masterfully and poetically evoke emotion made Lucas the absolute perfect choice for our event.

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Malia Poia
Director of Events, Children's Aid

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New York


  • We conduct 100 fundraising events each year.
  • Helped raised over 100 million in 2019.
  • 9 years of experience in crowds of 50-1,500.
  • Licensed, bonded, insured and BAS certified.