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Blockhouse Live Productions is dedicated to connecting your vision and your event to your audience. We can assist you in creating any necessary pre-recorded content for your event and then switch gears to being your “night-of” team to ensure you have a quality stream that engages your audience. Whether your event is a completely pre-recorded broadcast, a high-definition multi-camera live stream, or a mixture of both, we are here to bring piece of mind and allow your organization to focus on enjoying the event and engaging with your audience.

Our services include high definition, multi-camera videography and live streaming with the capability of streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously. We can scale our services and products to suit the needs of your project and achieve your organization’s goals.

We would love to help design solutions to execute your vision. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation!

I've worked with this team on creative projects being streamed and recorded from multiple venues, and couldn't be happier with their work!
Holly Schoenfield
Creative Director
The Ypsi Performance Space