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Since 2005, we have helped execute more than 1,000 benefit auctions around the country with a team of 4 full-time emcees and auctioneers (Jason Alpert, Joe Girvan, Geoff Cowan, and Vallye Adams). Our belief is that people can see right through an emcee or auctioneer who doesn’t truly understand and believe in the mission they’re supporting. We work hard to become vested in the mission of the organizations we work with. We regularly set fundraising records at our events, but our role at any event starts long before the event begins. In our pre-event role as fundraising consultants, our team becomes part of the planning process. We work closely with our clients to come up with fundraising elements and auction items as well as putting together the perfect run of show and script for the event. We are as much entertainers as we are auctioneers. While it’s our job to raise as much money as possible, it’s also our job to engage our attendees to create memorable moments with our infectious energy and passion. Our team of licensed auctioneers are currently licensed in states from coast to coast. We are experts in the art of storytelling, weaving your charity’s mission throughout your event.

We are so lucky to have you as part of our Second Harvest Food Bank Family. Thank you for all you do to ensure that our events not only succeed, but absolutely kill it every single time. We are so grateful for your support over the years with Wine Women and Shoes. It wouldn’t have nearly grown to what it has in the past 10 years if we didn’t have you along the way. Can’t wait to do big things with you and the new event starting in 2021. We appreciate you.
Maureen Mikel
Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida