Partner Referral Program

Connecting nonprofit organizations with industry leading fundraising software.

OneCause has helped over 10,000 organizations raise more than $4 billion for their missions. Our mission is simple: to help nonprofits build better tomorrows.

Together, we can empower great missions to fight cancer, end hunger, champion environmental causes, educate the young, and every mission in between.

Refer-A-Friend is easy! You can do it in 2 simple steps: 1) Complete the form and tell us about your referral. 2) Tell us about yourself so we can apply tracking and credit.

Refer a Fearless Fundraiser; Earn or Donate up to $500.

Earn or Donate $250 for every

Mobile Bidding/Fundraising Platform referral

Earn or Donate $500 for every

Peer-to-Peer referral

Referral paid per partner referral agreement once referred nonprofit purchases a OneCause software subscription. One reward per referred nonprofit. Referral incentive valid 12 months from date of referral. Referral credits may take up to 60 days to process. There is no limit to the number of rewards earned. OneCause reserves the right to change or modify the partner referral program at any time.

Step 1: Who are you referring to OneCause?