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Social Donor Study

Understanding Motivators & Giving Behaviors

Donor retention rates have been holding at 45.5%* with retention numbers even lower for event-based and peer-to-peer social fundraising.

What if you could increase that trend?

In this research study we surveyed 1,056 donors who donated via a fundraising event or through a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign to better understand:

  • Unique behaviors and motivators for different types of social donors
  • Top factors influencing social donor satisfaction and retention
  • Preferences for follow-up communication and engagement

*AFP’s 2018 Fundraising Effectiveness Project

Nearly a quarter of US Adults identify themselves as Social Donors, those who give through event-based and peer-to-peer fundraising.

How can your organization use this data to grow?

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The research findings will help you identify:

  • Key demographics of donors that are more likely to engage in social fundraising
  • Motivators that drive social donors to engage with organizations
  • Factors that convert one-time donors into loyal year-round supporters

Download today and put the research data in action to help you strengthen your social donor engagement and overall fundraising efforts.

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