Reinventing DIY Peer-to-Peer for National Nonprofits: Strategies for Engagement and Growth


In today’s hyper-connected, digital world, incorporating social giving in your peer-to-peer strategy can make or break fundraising success – especially for nonprofits trying to innovate and grow supporter engagement.

We know from recent OneCause research that today’s donors:

  • Hear about giving opportunities from their social networks,
  • Give to nonprofits to support their friends & causes they are passionate about,
  • Are motivated by the fun of fundraising,
  • Want an easy & seamless giving experience, above all else.

So how do you bring all these needs and ideas together?

Peer-to-Peer DIY Fundraising of course!

This informative and lively guide will share strategies for planning and executing third-party fundraisers that any national nonprofit can use.


Reinventing DIY Peer-to-Peer iPad