Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: 16 Tips to Rock Your Next Run, Walk, or Ride


As the popularity of social fundraising continues to grow, a nonprofit’s peer-to-peer campaign needs to stand out.

This eBook contains strategies your organization can use to set your runs, walks, rides, and fundraising challenges up for success. Learn how to create campaigns that are easy to manage and that your participants truly love… and hit your goals!

We’ve designed this eBook to be FULL of actionable tips to put to use for increased  attention, participation, and donations — it’s part guide, part checklist, and part “go-to-resource”.

Download today and get rocking!

  • Actionable tips for easy online registration
  • Innovative strategies for keeping your social donors motivated and engaged
  • Ideas to empower your participants to raise more than they ever imagined
  • Engaging tips & ideas to utilize competition and fun in a virtual fundraiser
  • Emerging best practices for social fundraising that is truly mobile


Peer-to-Peer Fundraising