The Nonprofit Fundraiser’s Guide to Maximizing Matching Gift Success: 4 Smart Tips to Fuel Fundraising


“Buy one, get one free” promotions are an extremely common sales tactic and tend to be popular among new and lifelong customers.

Corporate matching gifts are the BOGO sales in the fundraising world. Donors are able to make a more significant impact on a cause that they care about and nonprofits receive doubled funding without having to expend further resources.

Nonprofits that want to utilize matching gifts to their greatest extent will need to craft a successful matching gift plan.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The Basics of Matching Gifts
  • How Matching Gifts Work: A Step-by-Step Overview
  • 4 Expert Tips for Matching More Gifts
  • The Best Matching Gift Software


The Nonprofit Fundraiser's Guide to Maximizing Matching Gift Success