How to Create a Successful RFP Process – Tips From the Front Lines

This podcast is brought to you by Pursuant.

If you’ve been frustrated by the fundraising RFP process, or you’re simply looking to optimize the time you spend looking for the right partner, this podcast is for you.

As an agency built by fundraisers for fundraisers, Pursuant has been a part of hundreds of RFPs over the years — issuing them while working within an organization and responding to them as an agency. They know the pain of putting in countless hours managing the process and reviewing responses — only to wonder if you’re making the right decision. 

In this podcast Pursuant’s Kelley Stewart & Taylor Shanklin discuss insights on the fundraising RFP process from an agency perspective.

You’ll come away learning:

  • Examples of good and bad RFP processes from an agency perspective
  • How to define what you need and want from your partner
  • When is an RFP necessary?