Effective, Ethical, and Equitable Storytelling: How To Tell Amazing Stories While Protecting Identity and Integrity

| Leadership & Storytelling | Mon, Sept 13, 2021

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This session will be all about how to share stories to shatter stigma and soften hearts. Storytelling is one of the most effective forms of communication available. If we are looking to break barriers and give our missions, and those we serve a voice, we should be sharing stories! But sometimes it can be challenging for nonprofits to know what stories to share while honoring anonymity and promoting inclusion.

This session will help provide practical tips and techniques for sharing stories ethically while protecting identities and avoiding exploitation.

Key Takeaways:

  • How-To Share Effective Stories: Telling Stories That Change Minds and Open Hearts.
  • How-To Protect Anonymity: Tips and Techniques for Sharing Stories When You Can’t Share Identities.
  • How-To Avoid Exploitation and Improve Inclusion: Maintaining Integrity and Promoting Equality.

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Madison Gonzalez

Madison Gonzalez

Advancement Director, Morning Light Inc

Madison Gonzalez is a National Public Speaker, Raise Storyteller of the Year Award-Winner, Best-Selling Author of Dear Mirror, Events Manager, and Published Poet. She is also the Advancement Director at Morning Light, Inc., an Indianapolis-based nonprofit that fosters care and dignity programs for the terminally ill, seniors, and families of limited means. As a storytelling coach and consultant, it is her mission to empower others to share their stories for impact and income. Madison can be reached at mgonzalez@morninglightinc.org.