Workshop: Mental Health in the Workplace – Creating an Environment that Supports Employees & Promotes Wellness

| Leadership & Storytelling | Mon, Sept 13, 2021

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Mental Illness is the number one reason for absenteeism and loss of productivity in the workplace today. The mental health and wellness of employees has become a major concern in the nonprofit sector, that needs to be addressed in order to support current employees and attract top talent.

This session will examine:

  • How mental illness is impacting the workplace and the nonprofit sector.
  • How mental health affects employee retention, organizational culture, and a nonprofit’s financial bottom line.
  • Why stigma is such a powerful force impacting our health.
  • What strategies nonprofit leaders can employ to support mental health and wellness in their organizations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how mental health impacts everyone and plays a major role in employee morale, job satisfaction, and retention.
  • Implement simple strategies to cultivate a safe environment to learn about mental health and disclose a mental health issue.
  • Learn how to be proactive and involved concerning mental health awareness and wellness initiatives.

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Ian Adair

Ian Adair

Executive Director, Gracepoint Foundation

Ian Adair is a nonprofit industry influencer, TEDx speaker, and recognized expert in leadership, fundraising, and nonprofit management. In a 2021 world, Ian helps build successful nonprofits by winning donor attention, cultivating strong boards, and revitalizing mission awareness with stakeholders and community partners. Ian’s keynotes and training sessions are well known in the nonprofit sector for their high energy, humor, and tell it like it is style.

Ian is a speaker, author, and advocate concerning mental health awareness and addressing mental health in the workplace. He is the author of the book, Stronger Than Stigma. A Call to Action: Stories of Grief, Loss, and Inspiration! Ian currently serves as the Executive Director of the Gracepoint Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Gracepoint, one of the largest behavioral health organizations in the state of Florida. Gracepoint impacts the lives of more than 30,000 individuals each year, seeking mental health, medical, and addiction services in the greater Tampa area.