Create “Netflix” Worthy Reoccurring Revenue for Your Nonprofit

| Fundraising Strategy & Donor Management | Tues, Sept 14, 2021

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After 2020 hit and so many fundraising events were canceled what backup plan did your organization have to lean on for financial funds to keep things running smoothly? Many organizations do not have reliable multiple lines of income/donations coming in to support an organization if something were to be removed – i.e. events.

This session will focus on how you can begin adding a “Netflix” like recurring revenue stream quickly and easily. Learn to create strategic recurring revenue from your “every day” donors that last month after month and year after year. Add this new way of thinking to your fundraising for consistent monthly income and sustainability Have an event? See how all of these efforts help you build momentum and excitement for when you do host a fundraising event… it all works together!

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the strategy behind reoccurring revenue and how to implement it at your own organization.
  • Create your own 12-month calendar of content.
  • How email can help build relationships with donors (and not annoy them), producing emails that bring donors.

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Danielle Snelson

Danielle Snelson

Founder, The Profitable Nonprofit Event

Danielle discovered a passion for helping nonprofits over a decade ago when a client was having difficulty fundraising at their event and raising more money.  Since then she has helped nonprofits leverage corporate event revenue-generating strategies and grow their event fundraising.

She is the author of The Profitable Nonprofit Event ebook, a guide to the essentials of event fundraising. And has also developed The Profitable Nonprofit Event eCourse, to help nonprofits kick butt at event sponsorship sales.

Danielle produces and hosts Virtual Fundraising Events for organizations to continue raising money through awesome virtual events.

Danielle resides in Boise, ID with her husband Jedidiah and their daughter Joie. Danielle loves to be outdoors, and is a big fan of traveling the world!