Hurricanes, Headlines, Hoo-Has and Hashtags: What Nonprofits Can Learn from Storytelling Gone Wrong

| Fundraising Strategy & Donor Management | Tues, Sept 14, 2021

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Storytelling is a key component of nonprofit fundraising and marketing. Over the last twenty years, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. There is much to be learned from marketing campaigns that performed flawlessly and those that were a big dud or even worse, caused massive backlash. We’ll discuss the elements of modern-day storytelling, learn how to use them to engage followers, build relationships, mobilize people to take action and ultimately increase donations.

You’ll cringe, you’ll smile, you’ll groan, you’ll roll your eyes out the back of your head but most importantly, you’ll go back to the office with a bunch of simple tricks to use as you engage with donors, online followers, volunteers and your organization’s cheerleaders.

Key Takeaways:

  • Know how to use storytelling to help engage followers.
  • Incorporate hashtags, images, humor and more to help reach your target audience.
  • Focus on marketing strategies and upgrade your content.

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Ephraim Gopin2

Ephraim Gopin2

Principal, 1832 Communications

Ephraim Gopin spent nearly two decades in the nonprofit trenches. He wore all the hats – CEO, fundraiser, grant writer, event organizer, alumni director and more. He also served as director of communications for a global family foundation. His years in the sector afforded him a unique view of how all the pieces of an organization must work together in order to achieve success.

Ephraim is the founder of 1832 Communications, an agency which helps nonprofits build more relationships so they can raise more money, serve more people and have more impact in the community. Ephraim crafts strategies which help nonprofits successfully upgrade their online presence, boost their email fundraising and marketing, and improve their marketing collateral. When fundraising and marketing work together, it’s a beautiful thing!

Ephraim is also a speaker, author, podcast host and publisher of a popular daily nonprofit newsletter.