You’ve Got a Friend in Me: Finding the Best Auctioneer and Setting Them Up for YOUR Success

| Event & Auction Fundraising | Tues, Sept 13, 2022

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The industry has had almost a full year of seeing more and more in-person events as nonprofits become “unfrozen.”

The best way to innovate and create a more immersive in-person experience can be as easy as taking lessons learned from the virtual world and bringing them to your pre-pandemic event strategy. Technology has never been more important, as well as your auctioneer!

Now that we are coming back to the ballroom, how do you choose the right auctioneer for your event to ensure you maximize funds raised? Learn the strategies, best practices, and insider tips from fundraising experts who can help you pick your next auctioneer and ensure your event is a huge success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing an auctioneer that is right for your audience and event that has the tools they need to navigate a crowded world of benefit auctioneers.
  • The importance of a fund-a-need and why it should never be skipped or lost in the “fun” of the evening.
  • How to set your auctioneer up for success.

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Kevin Spykerman

Kevin Spykerman

VP of Nonprofit Fundraising, Winspire, Inc.

Kevin has had the privilege of worked with nonprofits for over 15 years and learned from some of the best minds in the industry. He has a passion for seeing nonprofits drive their mission forward. As fundraisers know, nonprofits can’t run and operate without funding or having a source of income and that’s where Kevin is passionate about making an impact. He has personally been responsible for helping nonprofits raise over 11.5M dollars and is proud knowing it goes to further the mission each nonprofit is fulfilling each day.

Mike Shumard

Mike Shumard

Fundraising Auctioneer, Host, & Consultant, Mike Shumard Auctioneering

Mike Shumard grew up in the nonprofit industry and has fundraising in his blood. Throughout his career he has directly raised millions of dollars for amazing causes across the country. Through his career he has successfully served as the Executive Director of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Mike’s love for live auctions and making a difference led him to start his auctioneering career in 2008. Passion, energy, and experience are the three keys to Mike’s auctioneering success. Mike’s commitment to every nonprofit he works for is to ensure no dollar is left behind.