General Session: Welcome Back, Raise Awards, & Keynote

| Keynote / General Session | Tues, Sept 13, 2022

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Join us as we celebrate the innovators and storytellers among us by honoring 4 inspiring Raise Award winners.

Then, join Jason Barnaby for an interactive, energetic and engaging keynote that is sure to fuel your creative fire and fan the flame of your hear! From IU grad and founding member of IU Dance Marathon, to professional ski bum, to college professor and coffee shop owner in Europe, to corporate trainer, to HR and culture guru to company founder, leadership content creator and podcast host, husband for 25 years (to the same woman) and father of 3, Jason has lived “a lot of life in the life he’s lived.”

That life and the stories he’s collected along the way provide the content Jason shares with humor and vulnerability via the Fire Starters Inc framework to find your fire, fan your flame and tend your tribe.
Some guaranteed #actionableinspiration you will walk away with include:

  • A sure fire filter for where to focus your time and energy
  • A fool proof delegation tool to fuel your time management
  • Self-talk responses to battle your “WhatIfAbouts”
  • A tried and tested framework to build a fiery tribe of supporters

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Reggie Rivers

Reggie Rivers

President, The Gala Team

Reggie is a former Denver Broncos running back who played 6 seasons in the NFL. In 2013, he founded The Gala Team, and has grown the company from 6 events that first year to hundreds of events annually. The Gala Team supported nonprofits of all shapes and sizes during the COVID-19 virtual pivot, becoming a trusted resource for strategies and thought leadership.Reggie is also a media personality and author, who has worked in newspaper, radio and television in Denver. He has written five books, the latest is the award winning novel, “The Colony: A Political Tale”. Reggie’s professional variety ultimately led him to his find his true love in life — serving as a benefit auctioneer to help nonprofits achieve their fundraising goals.

Jason Barnaby

Jason Barnaby

Chief Fire Starter and Tribe Leader, Fire Starters Inc

Jason Barnaby is the Chief Fire Starter and Tribe Leader of Fire Starters Inc—a company he founded after receiving the gift of severance in 2018. His vision is simple: “change the world one fiery heart at a time.”

His mission is simpler. Two hashtags: #ignitehope and #torchfear.

He is the author of two books: Igniting the Fire Starter Within and 30 Days to Blaze—a journaling workbook designed for readers to just take the next step, toward a more engaged, productive, and on fire life!

Jason speaks passionately about finding what sets your heart on fire, engaging your whole self at work and at home and building a supportive tribe to challenge, inspire, connect, and grow you in ways you could never do alone.