Community Centric Fundraising at Highlander: Campaigns of Abundance in Times of Scarcity

| Fundraising Strategy & Donor Management | Tues, Sept 13, 2022

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This session explores community-centric fundraising and its current applications in Highlander’s development strategy. Through the lens of a case study, attendees will learn to identify and differentiate common giving motivations (scarcity and abundance) and understand how they impact donor base, and short-term and long-term fund-raising goals.

Fundraisers Mia and Isaac will review the 10 core principles of community centric fundraising and the programmatic fixtures (2021 year-end campaigning and 2022 donor education offerings) that are in place to convert one-time givers into recurring supporters. They will also cover how Highlander’s use of a common curriculum and lexicon unify it’s network of peer-to-peer fundraisers, as well as other strategies to activate donors.

Using real-life examples, this session will give any fundraiser practical insights and the chance to learn strategies and ideas to help you design and implement a community-centric fundraising initiative at your nonprofit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify and differentiate two common giving motivations (scarcity and abundance) and discuss how said motivations can impact an organization’s donor base as well as its short-term and long-term fund-raising goals.
  • Understand the ten core principles of community centric fundraising and the philosophy’s thought leaders.
  • Learn how to for apply community centric fundraising principles in your own position/organization.

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Mia Willis

Mia Willis

Interim Co-Coordinator of Development & Communications, Highlander Research and Education Center

Mia S. Willis is a cultural worker, popular educator, and fundraiser based in Atlanta, Georgia. Although their initial efforts supported the arts and cultural programs in which they participate, Mia began fundraising on behalf of education and social justice nonprofit organizations after the 2020 Uprisings. They have served in a number of development roles, including as the Tournament Director of the 2019 Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam (Cambridge, MA), the Development Coordinator of Reading In Motion (Chicago, IL), and most recently as the Interim Co-Coordinator of Development and Communications at Highlander Research and Education Center (New Market, TN).

Isaac Collins

Isaac Collins

Development Specialist, Highlander Research and Education Center

Isaac Collins is a Development Specialist at the historic Highlander Research and Education Center. Since 1932, Highlander has served as a catalyst for grassroots organizing and movement building in Appalachia and the South. Prior to joining Highlander, Isaac was pastor of Wesley Memorial UMC in Charlottesville, VA, a Sanctuary church fighting for the rights of asylum seekers in Virginia and at the US/Mexico Border. In 2019, Isaac was recognized as a leader in anti-racist organizing by the City of Charlottesville on the second anniversary of August 12th, 2017. Isaac is an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. He lives in Knoxville, TN with his family.