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A Nonprofit’s Guide
to the World of

Corporate Social Responsibility

According to a recent survey of 700 fundraisers, the 3 biggest challenges facing nonprofits today include:

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Finding new donors

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Securing sponsorships

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Raising more funds

What if you had a roadmap for all 3?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an area with huge impact potential, but many nonprofit organizations don’t tap effectively. However, savvy organizations are looking to CSR to help diversify revenue streams and increase fundraising effectiveness.

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This resource paper features success models used by real-life nonprofits to build CSR initiatives.

It provides practical ways to help your nonprofit build corporate funding efforts:

  • Discover seven steps to attract corporate partnerships
  • Learn the genius of a Corporate Volunteer Program
  • Target smart strategies for compelling CSR marketing

Download today and follow the path other successful nonprofits are using to join forces with today’s corporations and business to have real impact.

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*Based on 2018 OneCause Nonprofit Tech Survey

A Nonprofits Guide to the World of Corporate Social Responsibility iPad