Understanding Today’s Donor: How To Design Systems That Build Lasting Donor Relationships At Scale and Grow Giving


Today’s donor is distracted. Hyper-connectivity, micro-consumption, fractured attention, and fierce competition are namesakes in our connected economy.

This is now compounded due to the upheaval market slumps and the coronavirus pandemic has sparked with no clear end in sight. You also have increased stress on the systems you use to deliver programs, acquire supporters, steward donors, and raise funds for your cause.

Amidst uncertainty and shifting donor expectations, what should your nonprofit be focused on? How can you ensure your organization is prepared for these changes, and able to scale deeper, more personalized donor relationships?

In this workshop, Noah Barnett, Virtuous’ Director of Partnerships & Community, will address these challenges head-on.

He’ll then share a fundraising system modern nonprofits are using to scale personalized donor relationships, build a foundation of flexibility, resilience, and responsiveness, and grow giving.


Hosted by:

Noah Barnett, Virtuous
Noah Barnett
Director of Partnerships & Community

Kelly Velasquez-Hague
Kelly Velasquez-Hague
VP of Content Marketing

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